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Four Stroke Solutions LLC, is a company located in Northwest Washington. Our first product developed in 2008, the Jacobson Roll-Over Oil Valve Kit is designed to prevent engine oil loss during a roll over event of a four stroke powered snowmobile or ATV.

Modern four stroke engines are light, powerful, and fuel efficient. They do have one draw back however, when compared to a two stroke engine. If a four stroke powered snowmobile or ATV is rolled or over-turned, engine oil can leak out of the oil tank (dry sump engines) or crankcase (wet sump engines).

The engine dry sump oil tank and crankcase have to be vented for proper oiling system function. There is a breather vent hose at the top of the oil tank. The breather hose is there to vent any positive or negative pressure build up that can occur during normal engine operation. It is through this hose that the engine oil can leak when the snowmobile or ATV is rolled. If the engine is still running while the machine is on its side, oil can leak out even faster!

When a rider rolls his/her snowmobile or ATV, its desirable to have two things happen. First the engine needs to be shut down as soon as possible, for safety concerns, as well as to prevent the running engine from forcing oil out of the breather hose. Second there needs to be a method of closing the vent to prevent oil from "gravity draining" out through the breather hose.

The Jacobson Roll-Over Oil Valve System from Four Stroke Solutions LLC accomplishes both of these goals concurrently! A special dual control tether switch both stops the engine and closes the vent valve preventing oil from leaking out the breather vent line, all in one compact system! The dual circuit tether switch is unique in that it allows snowmobile owner to retain the factory handle bar kill switch if desired. The handle bar kill switch remains fully function-able and the Roll-Over Valve will still operate correctly whether the factory kill switch is in the up 

or down position!

Using the Roll-Over Valve is easy! Simply connect the tether cord to the rider. When the machine is rolled and the tether cord is pulled, the engine is stopped (and while leaving the ignition key on) power is supplied to the valve, closing it and preventing oil loss. When the machine is returned to the upright position, simply plug the tether cord back in. This cuts power to the valve, allowing it to open and restores electrical power to the engine systems. The rider can re-start the engine and continue riding.

The Roll-Over Valve can also be used to help get a snowmobile un-stuck. For example, sometimes its easier to get a snowmobile un-stuck by rolling the sled on its side and dragging it around. In this case a rider would turn the key on, pull the tether cord out, roll the sled on to its side, drag it around, flip it back upright, plug the tether back in 

and away you go!

I also use the roll-over valve while performing minor service work. Examples would be when changing hyfax or making suspension adjustments or inspections.

The Jacobson Roll-Over Oil Valve Kit is U.S. patented # 8,225,766, 8,528,516 and 9,303,537.

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