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Electronic Roll-Over Valve Control Module from Four Stroke Solutions LLC

 Electronic Roll-Over Valve Control Module (ROVCM)

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is a ROVCM?

A. The ROVCM is an electronic control module for Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll-Over Valve kits. The ROVCM contains a programmable micro- controller and uses pulse width modulation technology to provide a variable voltage output. The variable voltage output is used to close/control Roll-Over shut-off valves. The ROVCM is custom engineered specifically for controlling Roll-Over Valves.  

Q. Why use variable voltage to activate the valve?

A. Roll-Over shut valves are an electro-mechanical device. Like most solenoid valves, the solenoid requires more voltage/current to initially close then it does for the valve to remain in a closed state.

Using pulse width modulation, the ROVCM is able to apply a higher voltage (16.4 to 16.6 volts) to the Roll-Over shut off valve. The higher voltage creates a stronger magnetic field within the valve solenoid coil, which in turn increases the shut-off valve’s closing strength by approximately 170% over normal battery voltage alone.

By increasing the valve closing strength by approximately 170%, it allows the valve to close faster/stronger under a wider range of riding/temperature conditions.

Once the valve has closed the ROVCM reduces the output voltage 

(normally 8.5 volts) to keep the valve closed.

Q. Why reduce the voltage once the valve is closed?

A. Solenoid valves can remain closed at much lower voltage settings. By reducing the valve closed voltage, the ROVCM is also reducing the amount of amperage being drawn from the battery. Amperage current draw is reduced by approx. 1/3 when in compared to closing the valve with straight

battery voltage alone.

The reduced voltage/current draw also lowers the shut-off valve operating temperature which helps extend the life expectancy of the shut off valve.

Q. What are advantages of the higher output during valve closing?

A. Because the ROVCM is effectively making the shut-off valve stronger, it can close at a more rapid rate. A faster/stronger closing valve may be desirable for snowmobiler's who ride in challenging terrain or if they use they’re Roll-Over Valve several times a day.

For snowmobilers who ride in very cold temperatures,usually 0 degrees F or below. The higher closing voltage from the ROVCM helps counter-act the effects of extreme cold by allowing the shut off valve to close more quickly at these temperatures.

Additionally Arctic Cat M1100T snowmobiles have a fairly long 3/4" id breather hose that is routed from the right side of the sled over to the left side. This hose runs somewhat horizontally and can contain a fair amount of oil during a roll over event. The faster/stronger closing speed that the ROVCM provides, allows the shut-off valve to better contain any remaining oil in the breather hose.

Q. Do I still need to clean my roll-over shut off valve periodically?

A. Because of the increased closing power that the ROVCM provides, our testing has shown that the shut off valve doesn't require cleaning as often. However the shut-off valve operation should still be tested periodically and cleaned if the valve is slow to respond or doesn’t close due to sludge build up.

Q. Will the ROVCM help prevent me from discharging my battery if I accidentally leave my Roll-Over Valve on to long?

A. Yes, the ROVCM can help prevent draining the battery down, due to forgetting to turn off the Roll-Over Valve system. The ROVCM is programmed to monitor how long the shut-off valve has been closed. After approx 2 hours of constant “on time”, the ROVCM will start monitoring the input battery voltage. If the battery voltage drops to approx 12.2 volts (13.2 for Lithium programmed ROVCMs), the ROVCM will auto-shut down the Roll-Over Valve to help prevent further battery drain.

Note: The ROVCM only controls the Roll-Over Valve and does not shut down other systems in the snowmobile that may be shorted and causing a battery drain.

Q. I have a Lithium engine starting battery in my snowmobile. Can I still use a ROVCM?

A. Yes, the ROVCM works well with Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can be permanently damaged if they are discharged below approx 10.6 volts. The battery voltage monitoring/auto-shut down feature in the ROVCM can help prevent discharging the battery to low, due to leaving the Roll-Over valve on for to long. Because the free standing voltage of a Lithium battery is approx 1 volt higher than a standard lead acid battery, ROVCMs for Lithium battery use are programmed to auto-shut down at approx 13.2 volts.

Q. I’m thinking of adding a Lithium battery to my snowmobile next season, can I still use my 

same ROVCM?

A. Yes, ROVCMs are re-programmable. We can reprogram ROVCMs for use with either Lithium or lead acid batteries. ROVCM reprogramming service is $15 plus shipping.

For ROVCMs purchased new, we would just need to know if you are running a Lithium or stock lead acid battery.

ROVCM control modules

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