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Four Stroke Solutions Roll-Over Valve kits for Arctic Cat M1100T/M9000

Four Stroke Solutions LLC now has the Gen 3 Roll-Over Valve Kits for Arctic Cat M1100T/M9000 snowmobiles! The Arctic Cat M1100T/M9000 Roll-Over Valve kit helps prevent engine oil from leaking out of the breather hose and oil soaking the air filter when the snowmobile is rolled over on to it's side.

Arctic Cat M1100T/M9000 specific wiring harness and shut-off valve, allows for easy installation and factory like fit/finish.

Just like our Yamaha Roll-Over Valve kits, the M1100T/M9000 ROV kit is a Gen 3 and is plug/play to the snowmobile.

For pricing see the order/pricing information page.

M1100T/M9000 Premium Roll Over Valve kit

Standard M1100T/M9000 Roll Over Valve Kit

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