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Snowmobile related tech and specifications

Snowmobile driver diameter specifications

Changing driver size will also effect over-all gear ratio. For example when changing from a 2.52” 9 tooth driver to a 2.52” 8 tooth driver. You would multiply your 9 tooth ratio by 1.13.

Example: 20/40 gears with 9 tooth drivers would be 2.00 to 1. When switching to 8 tooth drivers with the same gear set the new ratio would be 2.26 to 1. (2.00 x 1.13= 2.26)

Note: the 1.13 multiplier only applies to 2.52” pitch drivers. Although the 2.86” is fairly close to the 2.52" and could be used for a 2.86" driver to get a general idea of ratio change. 

Rear suspension weights

Arctic Cat Alpha 1 154" with front and rear QS3 float shocks, Hygear dual chamber on rear shock 37lbs 10oz

Arctic Cat XF7000/Yamaha SR Viper stock 141" ...43lbs

2014 Arctic Cat XF7000 with 153" rails, BDX swing arm kit, 2 idler wheels removed and ice scratchers added...38lbs

Yamaha pro-action Viper (w/136 Mountain Max rails)...74lbs

09 Yamaha Nytro XTX 144", stock (all idler wheels attached)...74lbs

Timbersled Nytro 144", ice age rails, Float X rear shock, 2 wheel axle, (stock 8" Cat wheels), stock Yamaha upper wheels and skid mounting bolts...36lbs

Timbersled Nytro 144", ice age rails, Float X rear shock, 4 wheel axle (stock 8" Cat wheels), Yamaha upper wheels and skid mounting bolts...37.5lbs

Arctic Cat 153" with float shocks, minus boggy wheels, with ice scratchers Thanks to hugger70mtnmax for 


Yamaha Nytro 153" pro-mountain, all stock, including stock drop brackets....74.7lbs

Yamaha Nytro 153" pro-mountain, same as above, includes front shocks...78.7lbs

Timbersled Nytro153" Yamaha rails, Timbersled drop brackets, Includes Fox Float 2 front suspension shocks. 

Thanks Lone Viper!....46.2lbs

Yamaha 2010 MTX 162", stock including factory ice scratchers...58.5lbs

Timbersled 162", Wahl 4 wheel anti-stab kit, sidekick scratchers, 2 wheel kit Timbersled upper wheels...34.6lbs

Timbersled 162" same as above, except with Exit piggy back front shock, (4.3lbs)remote resi rear shock (7.0lbs)

Thanks to tapex_07 for 162" specs!...45.9lbs

Note: weight specifications were measured using a digital scale. They are for general information purposes only.

Specifications may vary from sled to sled and may change without notice.

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