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Pricing and ordering information

We offer Roll-Over Valve Kits in two versions for most models. The primary difference between the Standard and Premium versions is that the Premium Kits also include an electronic roll-over valve control module or ROVCM.

The ROVCM provides additional features and increased shut-off valve performance. It is ideally suited for mountain riding conditions, where the Roll-Over Valve may be used frequently though out the day. For more information about the ROVCM please see the high performance ROVCM page at,


FX/Nytro and Phazer


Standard FX/Nytro and FX/Phazer $239

Premium FX Nytro and FX/Phazer with ROVCM $349



Premium SR/Viper with ROVCM $359

Premium SR/Viper with ROVCM and Arctic Cat magnetic tether switch $389



Premium Sidewinder with ROVCM $359

Premium Sidewinder with ROVCM and Arctic Cat magnetic tether switch $389



Standard Apex $259

Premium Apex with ROVCM $359

Note: While the Apex Roll-Over Valve kits are designed for boosted or naturally aspirated applications running pod air filters. They can be used on a stock Apex also, by reusing the molded hoses inside the stock air box. Please see photos of "Matt J's stock Apex" in the photo gallery for details.




Standard Arctic Cat M1100T $249

Premium Arctic Cat M1100T with ROVCM $359

Premium Arctic Cat M1100T with ROVCM and Arctic Cat magnetic tether switch $389



Premium M/XF7000 with ROVCM $359

Premium M/XF7000 with ROVCM and Arctic Cat magnetic tether switch $389

2017 and up King Cat


Premium King Cat with ROVCM $359

Premium King Cat with ROVCM and Arctic Cat magnetic tether switch $389


ROVCM (control module only) $199

Plug and play ROVCM module fits standard Gen 3 Roll-Over Valve Kits. For those who already own a standard Gen 3 Roll-Over Valve Kit and would like to upgrade to full electronic control!


$16 in the USA

Shipping/handling to Canada


Priority mail international (approx 2 to 3 weeks depending on location) $48

USPS Express mail international (approx 1 to 2 weeks) $70

For over-seas orders please contact me for a shipping/handling quote.

Note: additional shipping charges may apply on multiple units in an order. Due to the larger packaging required. Please e-mail us, for a shipping quote on multiple orders.

To place an order, please contact us at and let us know the following information;

Make and model of sled?

Which e-mail address that you would prefer to have a PayPal invoice sent to?

Your mailing/shipping address location?

We accept PayPal, at

Credit cards are accepted through a PayPal invoice as well. This feature can be used even if you do not have a PayPal account. Once I receive a request for an order, I will e-mail you an invoice from PayPal. 

In the invoice there is a link to click on that has different options of payment including using a credit card. The credit card information is then entered, and remains safe and secure through PayPal.

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